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Are you facing charges and need a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights? Is your family involved in a difficult situation - one that calls for an attorney? Is civil litigation your only option for righting a wrong committed against you or your business? If you are in need of diligent representation in any criminal defense, family law, or civil litigation matter, we can help.

Serving Our Community Since 1997

At the law firm of Klineburger & Nussey, our attorneys have stood up in defense of our clients' rights since our founding in 1997. From law offices in Haddonfield, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our lawyers provide clients with extensive experience at both the trial and appellate court level. In fact, Richard F. Klineburger III is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney, while D. Ryan Nussey is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey of New Jersey as Matrimonial Attorney.

Rounding out Richard and Ryan are seven of the finest attorneys in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that focus on litigation and negotiation.

Whether your case requires the need of a tenacious litigator or skilled negotiator, Klineburger & Nussey has an attorney ready and willing to advocate for you.

Meet Our Attorneys

Richard F. Klineburger III
D. Ryan Nussey
Nicole M. McCauley
Frank J. Hoerst, III
Carolyn G. Labin

Our practice areas include:

Criminal Defense

Regardless of your felony or misdemeanor charges, you have rights that need to be fully protected. Our accomplished criminal defense lawyers have set legal precedent in DWI law and have extensive experience in all areas of criminal defense from traffic violations to murder cases.

Family Law

We handle family law proceedings involving divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, modifications/enforcements, and adoptions with compassion and sensitivity to your personal needs.

Civil Litigation

We are adept at resolving complex civil litigation cases involving business and contract disputes, serious personal injuries, wrongful death, defamation, real estate disputes, and legal malpractice.